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Step 1

Cell loading

Step 2

Discrete single-cell culture & Advanced screening

Step 3

Data analysis & target cell identification

Step 4

Targeted live cell recovery

Pico-Well Fluidics

Find hidden cells with Seamless Scaling and Unparalleled Precision

By harnessing the power of microfluidic wells with picoliter-sized volumes, our platform enables seamless scaling from a few cells to millions of unique experiments per assay. With unparalleled throughput and precision in measurements, we provide the highest level of accuracy needed to obtain the necessary statistical power for reliably finding the rarest and most valuable cells.

High Throughput Image Cytometry

Preserving Cell Integrity with Unmatched Speed

Our lightning fast imaging capabilities ensure minimal disturbance to cells, preserving their natural state while enabling dynamic measurements. Simultaneously, our platform empowers us to perform high multiplex deep phenotyping, allowing for parallel analysis of cell surface and intracellular markers, as well as measuring cell-cell interaction sequentially.


Powerful Insights through Unparalleled Sensitivity

With unparalleled sensitivity and the ability for dynamic multiplexed measurements, our platform offers powerful insights into secreted cell and molecular markers. It empowers us to achieve precise measurements of secreted cytokines, antibodies properties such as binding, affinity, protein productivity and more, opening new avenues for comprehensive phenotype analysis.

Single-Cell Culture

Unprecedented Control through Real-Time Insights and Sequential Analysis

By providing extended single-cell culture and maintaining high cell viability within our pico-wells, our platform allows for the perturbation of culture conditions while simultaneously monitoring the cell and molecular response. This unique capability enables the identification of optimal process development conditions, optimization of media and feed strategies, and in-depth analysis of cell growth and dynamic cell-cell interactions over time.

Computational Analytics Pipeline

Unlocking Cell Potential with Big Data

The power of our cutting-edge big data processing and visualization pipeline, specifically designed for single-cell analysis. Leveraging Cloud and AI technologies, our platform enables us to unlock the potential of your cells, helping us identify those rare and valuable “billion dollar” cells that hold significant scientific and commercial potential.

Single-Cell Recovery

Exceptional Cell Viability and Monoclonality Assurance

Our platform excels in high precision cell recovery, resulting in exceptional cell viability of high value cells. Furthermore, our integrated imaging capabilities provide comprehensive documentation to meet stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance.

Uncover unique phenotypes:

Our assays and workflows are ready or quickly adapted for your programs

Established Single-Cell Assays and Workflows:


Cell surface markers

Intracellular markers

Expression titers


Cell growth



Cell motility

Secretion profiling

Cell-cell interactions

Killing assays

Clone screening

Lead clone selection


Binding affinity

Antigen binding

Antibody screening

Cytokine profiling

Genetic profiling


Viral infectivity

Viral neutralization

Viral production


B cells

T cells

NK cells



HEK 293



Non-mammalian cells